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Gelber Muskateller

, Austria
Don't miss it if you like Muskateller

Availability: In stock

Gelber Muskateller

, Austria

Availability: In stock

Don't miss it if you like Muskateller
An excellent Muskateller by Ralph Waldschütz.
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Gelber Muskateller 2017, Waldschütz 10
The Wine


It sells out fast every year and I have missed my chance more often than managed to grab some. We got a small allocation this year but the rest of the vintage is already sold out so once these few cases are gone, it's gone.

Ben says (March 2018): What a lovely nose! Pears dominate with a strength that is rare in new white wines and makes a nice change from green apple! There is some lime there also and hints of lychee. In the mouth this wine is just fabulous. The pear persists and the citrus comes in more strongly. The lychee comes in on the finish which is delightfully longer than anticipated.

Flo says (March 2018): A delicious wine reminicent of pear drops and cucumber. A delightfully easy drinking fruit forward wine that sings on the palette, well worth a try.

Altogether an excellent wine and a good find by Joelle!

Why we have it:

It's very good muskateller

What to expect:

Muscat notes made crisp, mineral, zingy

Serving Suggestions:

Serve properly chilled

In Depth:

Austrian Muskateller was one of my revelations once I started exploring Austrian wines years ago. Muscat is widely used worldwide but it is often a bit imprecise, a bit "mushy". In Austria, Muskateller is crisp, pure, precise, mineral. The muskat notes are sharp and clear. It is a beautiful thing.

Vintage Information


Product code 43WZ06
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Weinhof Waldschütz
Serving Suggestion Serve properly chilled
Style White, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Muscat
Key Features Unoaked, Vegetarian and Vegan
Country Austria
Region(s) Kamptal
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Aged In Steel
Serving Temperature 10
Vintage NV
Vintages 2017
name:Gelber Muskateller
product code:[43WZ0616]
stock: 6 in London Warehouse
4 at Alpine Wines House
last checked in:2019-03-26

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Great Gelber

Gelber Muskateller

Think of Muskatellers as heavy, overly sweet and oily? Worry not. It's youth gives freshness and is rich, but precise and clearly defined from pear and lychee fruit to a lovely long dry sugared ending. Lovely and intriguing wine - top marks!
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