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Fendant Fauconnier

, Switzerland
A classic but complex fendant.

Availability: Out of stock

Fendant Fauconnier

, Switzerland

Availability: Out of stock

A classic but complex fendant.
The more traditional of our two Maye Fendants. Fruity, mineral and perfectly balanced, this is made to conquer hearts.
Full Details
The Wine


Simon Maye & Fils produce two traditional Fendants from vineyards in Chamoson, Trémazières and Fauconnier. In the past we have had both Fendants but have decided that Fauconnier works best in our range of Fendants. With its hints of the white flowers that you find in Alpine meadows to go along with the classic fruity minerality you expect from a Fendant. Fauconnier. It comes from a Chasselas vineyard in the lieu-dit "Prés des Pierres" where the other vineyards are Pinot Noir and Syrah. (Trèmazières is itself a lieu-dit and is also where the Païen (Heida) vineyard is found.)

Why we have it:

We wanted one of the traditional Fendants from Simon Maye & Fils.

Why you should pick this wine:

An excellent mid-range Fendant from a renowned producer.

What to expect:

The classic fruity minerality of a Fendant with a hint of white flowers from Alpine meadows.

Serving Suggestions:

Fondue and raclette are the traditional Swiss cheese dishes that you would pair with a Fendant and the other classic is lake (freshwater) fish such as perch. It also works well with other white meat dishes especially if they are in a cream sauce.

In Depth:

The Chasselas grapes come from the Maye vineyard in the lieu-dit "Prés des Pierres" in Chamoson where the soil is a chalky, slightly sandy gravel. Whole bunches are gently pressed and fermented at 20°C. The wine is aged on fine lees through March and bottled in April. Traditionaly consumed young, it nonetheless can easily be kept three years.

Vintage Information


Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Simon Maye et Fils
Serving Suggestion 8-10°C.
Style White, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Chasselas
Key Features Unoaked
Winemaking Malolactic
Country Switzerland
Region(s) Valais
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Vintages 2013
name:Fendant Fauconnier
product code:[4115014]

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