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Corte di Cama, Sforzato di Valtellina

, Italy
Big, bold, but also achingly elegant

Availability: In stock

Corte di Cama, Sforzato di Valtellina

, Italy

Availability: In stock

Big, bold, but also achingly elegant
of Valtellina Superiore area. The Alpine climate gives it surprising freshness which, in my opinion, makes it so much better than what warmer climates can achieve.
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The Wine


Made from the best Nebbiolo dried grapes of Valtellina Superiore area.

2018 | Gold Medal - Vintage 2014 at the CERVIM Mountain Wine Summit

In Depth:

The grapes are dried for 2 months in the “fruttaio” a ventilated area on the top floor of the CasaClima Wine cellar.

Macerated for 18 days, matured for 18 months in oak casks and further aged in the bottle for another 10 months

Vintage Information


Product code 39MP03
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Mamete Prevostini
Style Red, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Nebbiolo
Key Features Oaked, Late Harvest, "Slow Wine", Vegetarian and Vegan
Winemaking Unfiltered, Unfined, Late Harvest, Carbon Neutral, Malolactic
Country Italy
Region(s) Valtellina
AOC / DAC Valtellina Superiore
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Aged In Barrel (new), Barrel (old)
Vintages 2014
name:Corte di Cama, Sforzato di Valtellina
product code:[39MP0314]
stock: 82 in London Warehouse
3 at Alpine Wines House
last checked in:2018-10-01

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